Newly Single Sofia Richie Is ‘Still Processing’ Her Painful Breakup With Scott Disick

We just KNEW Sofia Richie had to be feeling some type of way about all of that recent flirty activity between Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian

It’s only been about a month since the 21-year-old ended her 3-year-long relationship with the Talentless creator and since then, it’s been nonstop headlines about the KUWTK star and his baby momma — as if Sofia was just a casual blip in time that we should all forget about. SMH!

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As we suspected, Lionel Richie‘s newly single daughter is definitely feeling the burn right now. Sources close to the situation recently told People she is “still processing the breakup,” as the insider further explained:

“It was a serious relationship, not some fling, and she was there for Scott through some tough times. It hurts to see all the speculation about Scott and Kourtney, but she is so young and gets so much attention. She’ll be totally fine.”

Oof. There’s so much to unpack right there, but one thing is for sure: they’re so right about that last part! Sofia is stunning and we’re not worried about her landing on her feet in the romance department long-term.

However, there’s no denying that the model held her now ex-boyfriend down through a lot over the years and even up until the very moment before they broke up. In fact, Sofia was reportedly the one who urged him to seek professional help after noticeable changes in his mood, decision-making, and substance use during the quarantine. She then reached out to Kourtney, who later intervened and gave Scott an “ultimatum” before he decided to briefly go to rehab.

Who knew she’d essentially be sending him right back to his former lover’s arms?!

Sofia Richie was the first to notice changes in Scott Disick's mood before he checked into rehab.
After investing so much time in each other and defying the public’s expectations about their age difference and more, it’s unfortunate things ended this way for the pair! / (c) Sofia Richie/Instagram

With all of this talk about the co-parents-of-three being an OTP, we certainly feel for the girl right now!

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Perhaps this clean break is truly for the best, though. Earlier this month, a source told E! News that Richie is actually working hard to pick up the pieces and move on right now:

“Things seem different this time. Sofia is very happy doing what she’s doing with her friends. She’s doing well on her own and not really looking back.”

Not to mention, a different insider just told Us Weekly that Kourtney and Scott are “not back together” but are “incredibly close” these days. Based on that tidbit alone, it seems like there isn’t much sense to hold on to the past.

Sending her lots of love and strength moving forward. Chin up, gurl!

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